Tim is one of New Zealand's leading landscape artists. His finely detailed work can be found in galleries and homes around the world.


To get a feel for the essence of Tim's art, we invite you to consider these thoughts...


Spirit of Place

Imagine a timeless place. A place free of boundaries, free of emotional constraint and free of fear.  Somewhere where the self peacefully blends with the infinite….. of such breathtaking beauty that nothing else matters.


We see this place in Tim’s magical paintings.


His skill and vision encourage us to go beyond the physical and to experience something of the spirituality which, for Tim, is an integral part of these landscapes.  Tim paints real mountains, real lakes and real skies, but he is also deeply aware of the Spirit of Place.  Perhaps it is the synergy of the factual and the intuitively understood that imbues his work with such extraordinary qualities.


He paints the places he loves because they feed and excite him and because they are beautiful.   We intuitively understand this, and the emotional response they engender in us is both welcome and deeply satisfying. 


The great beauty which Tim creates elevates and delights us.  It is his gift to the world.


- Louise Gray, 2008



Spirit of the Mountains